Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Having looked forward to this gig for some months (with building trepidation) I was very pleased with the level of interest and supportive comments received before and after the concert.

We wanted to celebrate that special evening of 28 October 1973, when Jake Thackray appeared for the only time, on the same stage – this very stage – with his idol and inspiration, Georges Brassens.

Having some VIPs in the audience did nothing to calm pre-gig nerves. Carol Evans, wife of Dr Colin Evans, who was a friend of both Jake and Georges and who organised the concert, Gaynor Williams, wife of Jake’s long time base player (Jake and Alan met for the first time ‘that night’), several guests from France, and to top it all, Jake’s sons, Bill and Tom Thackray.

No pressure then!

The fab ‘Rudolf Rocker’ (Mark Goodall, Tim Crusher, Bob Fischer and Hugh Bradley) opened the evening with some Brassens favourites, in English, and then Hugh and I played an hour of Jake’s brilliant songs – classics plus some of the newly discovered gems.
I think we got away with it – the audience were most generous in their applause and I don’t recall any major cock ups – the DVD will not lie though, so I’m awaiting the production of that with a smidge more trepidation.