On 28 October 1973, Jake Thackray played a concert in Cardiff together with his 'hero' Georges Brassens. Jake later described this event as the high point of his career. On 14 November 2017, on the same stage, John Watterson, along with bass player extraordinaire Hugh Bradley, plus special guests Rudolf Rocker, celebrate that concert which took place 44 years ago. The set list includes several Thackray classics performed at the 1973 concert along with a number of ‘lost’ songs written by Thackray but never released. 

‘The LOST Will and Testament of Jake Thackray of Jake Thackray by John Watterson’.  During his research for Jake’s biography, John has uncovered a number of songs of real quality written by Jake but never officially recorded. These ‘lost’ gems have now been recorded on a new critically acclaimed CD. More info HERE.

John is chuffed to little pieces to announce his latest project - The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu.

Having celebrated the lost works of Jake Thackray on his widely acclaimed 2016 release, The Lost Will and Testament of Jake Thackray, with The Resurrection of Frédéric Debreu John Watterson brings to life a collection of new songs by Alex Marsh and Paul Thompson. In the tradition of Jake Thackray and Georges Brassens, the songs are by turns humorous, satirical, absurd and poignant, full of larger-than-life characters and tales of small-town life.

Frédéric Debreu is the legendary, enigmatic (and entirely fictional) chansonnier created by Alex for his novel, The Resurrection of Frédéric Debreu. Yorkshire-based John Watterson is the UK’s leading performer of the works of Jake Thackray. This album sees the birth of a new genre in music – the Franco-Yorkshire chanson concept album. See what you think, as Jake Thackray would have said.

John Watterson has performed the songs of Jake Thackray at festivals, concerts, clubs, after dinner venues and – most specially – to members of Jake’s family.    

Jake’s songs are exquisitely funny, satirical, incisive, irreverent, witty and gloriously un-PC – and sometimes all of these at the same time. Jake was a one off, his poetry broke the rules yet worked beautifully. He was a true craftsman of the English language, and his legacy of scores of songs continues to delight audiences of all ages today.

John's appreciation and love of Jake Thackray's music is obvious to his audience. John’s performance is a celebration of the man that was Jake Thackray -  his work, his genius and his very essence, an essence that the new age of music lovers are in danger of missing out on.  

John is a talented guitarist and vocalist and has that engaging quality that makes you want to listen to his performance. When you wrap these ingredients up in the songs of Jake Thackray the result is a highly entertaining, heartfelt tribute to one of the finest songwriters of the 20th century.

  • "My family and I really appreciate your approach to Dad's work and hugely enjoy watching your performances, which, whilst in your own entertaining stage style, are very reminiscent of Jake - particularly in your timing and rhythm.Thanks very much for keeping Dad's songs alive."

    Sam Thackray
  • ''Wonderful stuff, bringing some of Jake's long-forgotten gems back to life. Brilliantly performed songs, with uncannily precise enunciation, and accurately capturing the unique Thackray guitar style. If Jake was right, and there really is an afterlife, he'll undoubtedly be looking down and giving his gruff approval."

    Victor Lewis Smith, Producer 'Jake on the Box' BBC 4
  • 'Long may John continue to keep Jake's memory alive so affectionately and skillfully'

    Sir Richard Stilgoe
  • "We can't have Jake back but this is the next best thing - a real tribute"

    Mike Harding
  • "It is marvellous that Jake Thackray's treasured songs ride again. They are in safe hands"

    Ralph McTell